Polly’s Story

On Unit: 05/05/21 – 14/05/21
Gestation: 32 Weeks

Julia, Polly’s mam kindly shares her story with us.

‘At 29 weeks, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and fetal growth restrictions. For two weeks, I was closely monitored between the RVI and the QE Hospital. At 32 weeks, it was decided my precious bundle needed to be delivered by C-Section due to absent flow from the placenta.’

‘I was given steroid treatment and a magnesium drip to give my baby the best chance. I safely delivered baby Polly weighing 2lb12oz and that’s when our special care journey started. The thought of giving birth at 32 weeks is scary, made even scarier when you have another little one at home to worry about – then add a global pandemic on top of that.’

‘I was able to meet Polly after a few hours in recovery – seeing her tiny body hooked up to breathing apparatus and all the wires was a really overwhelming experience. I was reassured and put at ease by the amazing nursing team who, of course, were very experienced in their field. After 5 days, I eventually got to hold her. Myself and her dad had to visit separately, which was tough, but the constant videos and pictures sent via vCreate kept us going when either one of us couldn’t be there. The MiniBoo with ours/her scent on was a lovely touch too. The amazing nursing team even made a card with Polly’s hand/footprints on for her sister at home (who was desperate to meet her but couldn’t).’

‘After around 10 days, Polly was stable enough to be transferred to the QE hospital, where our special care journey continued for a further 2 weeks.’



How did Tiny Lives impact your time on the Unit?

‘Tiny Lives made an overwhelming and anxious time a lot more bearable. The special touches and comfort they provided really got us through and we will forever be grateful.’

‘My husband has since carried out a charity run and raised £580 in support of the fantastic work Tiny Lives do to support families and babies requiring special care.’

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