Nathaniel’s Story

Nathaniel-Ferrier-3 Nathaniel-Ferrier-in-SCBU

Our daughter Lara was admitted to the R.V.I. in Newcastle upon Tyne at 26 weeks pregnant in pain and losing blood. She was given steroids and managed to hang on for a further 10 days. In that time Lara and Stu were shown around the Special Care Baby Unit so they knew what to expect, which they found very helpful.

Lara gave birth on 9th December 2011 at 27 weeks and three days to our beautiful grandson Nathaniel weighing in at a remarkable 2 pounds 9 ounces. Lara and Stu were told that Nathaniel was born in reasonable condition. We were told that he would be ventilated due to his gestation but Nathaniel had other ideas and kept dislodging the ventilator. He required CPAP for 24 hours then humicare which he remained on for ten days then went on to low oxygen for two weeks. During this time Nathaniel had jaundice which was treated with a lamp.

Nathaniel was transferred to the Wansbeck General Hospital, Ashington on Christmas Day 2011 so he would be nearer to the family home. At 32 weeks he required a blood transfusion. From 29 weeks Lara was breastfeeding him. He made great progress of which we are eternally grateful and thankful to all staff for their loving care. Nathaniel was discharged on 25th January 2012 weighing 4 pounds 8 ounces.

Nathaniel is a really happy character always smiling and full of fun. Apart from the chronic lung disease which we have been told he will grow out of Nathaniel is healthy. He is beginning to talk and has a vocabulary of 12 words but finds the physical development harder. He rolls everywhere and is beginning to weigh bear on his legs.

Nathaniel has been admitted to hospital once with a chest infection and required oxygen overnight. During the winter Nathaniel has struggled with coughs and colds but apart from this we consider ourselves to be extremely lucky and thankful.

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Updated photos of Nathaniel (Dec 2017)