Louie George’s Story

Dates on Unit: 10/02/21 – 24/02/21
Gestation: 35 + 6

Meghan kindly shares Louie’s story with us below.

‘My little boy was brought into the world on 10th February 2021 at 13:01 weighing a tiny 2lb7oz at University Hospital of North Durham. We were aware he would be underweight but nowhere near how small he really was. Louie-George was transferred straight to the RVI whereas I had to stay at Durham for 24 hours (due to covid there were no beds).’

‘The next day myself and Louie-George’s dad were allowed in for one day together to see our little boy hold him and feed him. This was due to COVID. It was lovely and we were both so happy to be able to share that moment as a family, uncertain of what may or may not happen or how long it would be until the 3 of us could be together again.’

‘The ward were amazing and never got sick of me ringing to check he was okay, they updated me every night and morning on vCreate which was reassuring to know he was being well looked after and okay without me there. I was able to spend all day and night with Louie until I had to go home to bed. Taking it in turns with his dad we were both allowed to visit as much as we wanted. It was the longest two weeks of my life but I couldn’t thank the ward enough for everything they did for me, my partner and Louie George.’

‘Louie George was then transferred home to Durham after 2 weeks. The care we received on Ward 35 was unbeatable and the staff really are amazing in everything they do. I, Louie George and all of our family are eternally grateful for all their help.’


How Did Tiny Lives Impact Your Time on the Unit?

‘Tiny Lives fund vCreate which was a god send to me to know my baby was okay when I wasn’t there and to allow me to receive daily updates on him. The Mini Boo’s myself and Louie were given he still has it to this day 17 months later and it’s just a little reminder to how small he was and how much he has overcome. Tiny lives are an amazing charity helping mums like me and I will forever be supporting them and helping in anyway I can.’


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