Leah’s Story

On Unit: March – April 2021
Gestation: 35 Weeks 

Mam, Samantha: Whilst I was pregnant with Leah, we were told our baby would need an operation after she was born. We didn’t expect Leah to come when she did, as I was meant to be getting started off at 37 weeks. I ended up going into early labour at 35 weeks.

Leah was born on the 28/03/2021 and only weighed 4lb 1oz . The staff on the Labour Ward were so nice and explained to us that our baby may need extra help after being born, so to expect a few more staff in the room. Leah was rushed to NICU on Ward 35 at the RVI. We were so scared as we didn’t know what was happening, but the staff kept us calm.

Once we got to go see our little girl, the staff made sure we knew everything that was happening, and when we travelled in to the RVI daily to see Leah the staff always made us feel welcome and would sit and chat to us whilst holding our little girl.

We hated leaving Leah behind so they used to send us videos and pictures on vCreate, which helped us as we could see her while we were at home – we also knew we could phone anytime day or night and the staff didn’t mind. They really are amazing we couldn’t thank them enough. Thank you to all the staff that looked after our rainbow baby you are truly are amazing!

The support we received from Tiny Lives was amazing, they even helped with travel costs so we could get in to see our baby daily. They also gifted our older children gift bags (Sibling Packs), which cheered them up as they couldn’t come onto the Ward to meet their little sister due to COVID.

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