Layla’s Story

Macara, Layla’s mother kindly shares her daughter’s story below.

‘Our precious premie Layla came into the world 13 weeks early at 26+ 5 days and only weighing 610 grams (that’s less than 2 pounds) although perfectly formed but an incredibly small beautiful baby, I never felt love like it, watching my daughter’s strength and tenacity gave me and my partner the strength to push through a long 3 months stay at the NICU.’

‘Our daughter is now 24 months birth age-corrected and she is developing at her birth age which is remarkable! Layla ended up with no complications or health issues but came home on oxygen for a few months.’

‘Never lose faith in your baby and no matter what you are not alone. We always compared our journey to surfing waves, sometimes the water was calm and peaceful and other times we couldn’t get through the wave and felt like we were drowning, trying to catch air and keep our heads above the water. Although we had similarities with other families in the NCIU through talking to them, we found we all were in our own unique situations but through this journey, I have made some incredible friendships with other parents that I will treasure for a long time.’

How did Tiny Lives impact your time on the unit?

‘Thanks to the support of ward 35 and Tiny Lives I don’t know how I would have coped and made it out the other end, the support of parking, food and beverages, a quiet place to collect my thoughts in the parent room and daily photos and videos on vCreate made the process easier to manage. I and my partner felt very blessed to have this incredible Charity on our side and as Layla grows into a girl and eventually on to a woman, she will always be reminded of the special people who cared for her and the amazing work Tiny Lives does.’


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