Jacob’s Story

On Unit: June – July 2020
Gestation: 31 Weeks.  

Mam, Terri: “Our gorgeous son Jacob was born unexpectedly at 31 weeks at the QE hospital. The decision was made to transfer him to the RVI due to a suspected infection. The RVI was much bigger and scarier than the QE with more babies……very poorly babies. I immediately thought the worst but thankfully there was no infection. Jacob stayed at the RVI for around a week or so and then he was transferred back to the QE.

As with the QE, there is not one thing we could complain about. The staff immediately became so important to us and made us feel so welcome, you do become part of the furniture so being comfortable is important. They involve you as much as they can, constantly encouraging you to look after your baby…believe it or not this did take some encouragement and support in the beginning. I really struggled with this and would never have been able to do it without their support.

Whilst I wish Jacob’s first few months were not in special care, he was definitely cared for by the best and I will be forever grateful.”


How did Tiny Lives impact your time on the Unit?

“It would have been such a different experience without Tiny Lives. Just a few of the most important ones for me:

  • Jacob was born via section, I was unable to see him until I recovered however thanks to Tiny Lives I was given photographs until I could see him.
  • The comforters which were provided – I had one and Jacob the other, we would swap these daily so we always had each other’s scent.
  • Last but not least, the Memory Box to store keepsakes, and a little card with his footprints which I will keep forever.

Such an amazing charity, so needed during such a difficult time.”

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