Iona’s Story

On Unit: October 2020
Gestation: 27 Weeks

Below, Victoria kindly shares her daughter Iona’s story with us.

‘When my waters went at 25 weeks, we were transferred over to Newcastle from Whitehaven hospital. 2 weeks later luckily, still in hospital, I went into Labour – it was extremely quick, and Iona was stuck, the doctors and nurses from ward 35 were there waiting for Iona and worked an absolute miracle because after 6 minutes they managed to stabilise all 2lb 1oz of her and move her to the ward. She was badly bruised and had lots of blood transfusions, she was on a ventilator and receiving TPN via a line in her tummy button. Everything was explained to me and there was always a nurse or a doctor to answer any questions. At a week old we got the news that unfortunately, Iona has sustained brain damage. It was devastating but the doctor was brilliant and right after got Iona out of the incubator and I had my first ever cuddles.’

How did Tiny Lives impact your time on the unit?

‘The Mini Boos provided were a great comfort to me and I’m sure Iona. I received a lovely parent pack with treats in, I was given help with my parking costs, Bridie the counsellor would come every week and talk things through with me and above all the amazing physios that Tiny Lives fund! They have been there from day one and are still helping us now a whole year on.’

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