George’s Story

Gestation: 34 Weeks + 6 Days
Dates on Unit: 21st October 2021 – 6th November 2021

‘George was taken to NICU shortly after birth after developing some breathing issues. After my pre-eclampsia diagnosis and the severity it reached, we were visited by one of the neonatal consultants who prepared us for the likely scenario that George would need intensive care. He was reassuring, calm and warm and put us at ease – as much ease as you could imagine preparing for an emergency caesarean. I was wheeled into NICU and it was really hard seeing my tiny 4lb 14oz baby lying helpless in an incubator with lots of wires coming off of him. I was scared and overwhelmed but the nurses were so supportive and gave me his bay number so I could call anytime even though I was only in the next ward. Throughout George’s stay on Ward 35, the staff were unbelievable. They supported and encouraged our wishes to do skin to skin and even reassuring my husband when he was nervous. I went through so many emotions during George’s stay and I never felt like I was bothering the nurses or doctors by calling for updates, asking questions, turning up at silly hours during the day or asking what I needed to do for his cares. Nothing was ever too much for them and they made our time there a lot easier.’


How did Tiny Lives impact your time on the unit?

‘We were given Miniboos upon admission to Ward 35. We were given them by George’s incubator during our first visit with him. We were also given family packs which included a beautiful memory book so we could document George’s time on the ward to show him when he is older. Our nurse made us a beautiful photo in a handmade frame on day 3 which I know the resources used are donated by Tiny Lives. All of these things made such a huge difference to our time on the ward.’


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