Eve Whyte’s Story

In loving memory of Eve Whyte.

I had previously heard of Tiny Lives but never knew exactly what they did, until 19th July 2012.  My wife had an uncomfortable 24 1/2 weeks pregnancy before our precious and perfect baby Eve was born on 18th July 2012.

My wife was rushed into the RVI after I called 999 on returning from work in the early afternoon. Baby Eve arrived well before her due date and I arrived at the RVI in a state of panic and worry. A whole bucket of emotions running through me and probably a millions more times for my wife. Baby Eve arrived and was stabilised after around 10-15 minutes following a very quick, natural delivery. The consultant allowed us a quick kiss before she was whisked away to the Special Baby unit.

We knew Baby Eve was up against it arriving at just over 24 weeks gestation, this is on the wire of what can be achieved. My wife & I had discussed this scenario, as we were aware because of the issues she had during pregnancy, a full term pregnancy was unlikely. But nothing can prepare you for when that moment comes and you are faced with a reality which words cannot truly describe.

The team in the Special Care Baby Unit are true Angels and are so sensitive, caring and dedicated to the job of caring for the babies. Baby Eve improved in the early afternoon following a blood transfusion and a concoction of available medicines to make her well. Late evening on the same day, the consultant explained that her conditioned had deteriorated and that the likelihood of her surviving was slim and if she did, she would be severely impaired. As we discussed options, Baby Eve’s conditioned worsened and she passed away just after 12. Just over a mere 9 hours alive in the outside world.

There are simply no words that describe the pain & heartache of our loss. Although Baby Eve was tiny, she was perfect.  Comfort my wife and I gained was the care and sensitivity they took with Baby Eve, ensuring she wasn’t in any pain. The Specialist Nurse who was caring for Baby Eve was a true angel. How anyone can do this job I do not know. She dressed our baby girl in a beautiful dress so we could have some photos of her in our arms without all the life support tubes anymore. Although heart breaking, baby Eve looked perfect and at peace.

The Specialist nurse also took prints for Baby Eve’s feet and hands and took photos too. We were mostly too heartbroken to do this. No parent should have to do this, but sadly like us they have too. But at least the caring professionalism of the team at the Special Baby unit gave our Baby Eve the best chance possible. And then to look after Eve and us too, eased the pain.

One day I will return to the unit to thank her personally for the care she gave baby Eve and how she looked after us too.

No amount of money in the world can be enough!  So anyone reading this, please donate so that care that my baby Eve received can continue for the many babies that need the special care provided by the unit at the RVI, now and in the future