Euan and Rory’s Story

In loving memory of Rory.

On 11th March 2013,  Andrea and I had our world turned upside down. Andrea was 24 weeks pregnant, expecting twin boys, and we attended the maternity department at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle for a routine check-up. The day turned out to be anything but routine. Andrea was in labour and on the morning of Tuesday 12th March Euan was born, shortly followed by his brother Rory, both weighing 1lb 6oz each.

Euan and Rory were immediately taken into the ‘Red Area’ (Neonatal Intensive Care) in the Special Care Baby Unit at the RVI. The first few weeks did not go smoothly. Both Euan and Rory had operations at the Freeman hospital, Andrea and I were regulars in what we called ‘the bad news room’, but we did our best to stay strong for our two beautiful little boys.

Then things took a turn for the worse. Rory had a number of problems over his first few weeks of life and in the early hours of Thursday 11th April, he died.  We were devastated. Nothing will replace Rory. We still love him and always will, but knowing he had the best possible care available in his short time with us gives us some comfort.

Since then Euan has become stronger. He got himself off the ventilator and is now in the ‘Blue Area’ preparing to come home. With any luck he will be giving us sleepless nights by his due date of 30th June.

Tiny Lives is the dedicated charity of the SCBU at the RVI.  It provides the SCBU with the some of the tools, training and staff they need to provide the immense level of care that the NHS alone can’t afford.

Jonathan and Andrea chose to fundraise for Tiny Lives

Jonathan ran the Great North Run in September 2013 “in loving memory of Rory and in respect of all the care and the support Andrea, myself and Euan have received from the Special Care Baby Unit.” –