Esmay’s Story

Esmay now Esmay

I was 22 weeks when I became ill with flu, little did I know this would be the start of our incredible journey. I was rushed into hospital, went into ITU and was placed in a medically-induced coma; during that time my husband was told Esmay had not survived on numerous occasions, as they could not find a heartbeat. Two weeks later I went into spontaneous labour and gave birth to Esmay at 24weeks, whilst I was still in my coma. Everyone was shocked especially her big brother Caiden. He made a special little name for her, “Pee Wee the Turtle”.

Esmay was born 1lb 2oz and whisked off to SCBU, but then she was moved to a different hospital as there were no beds. I remained in a coma for a further 2 weeks. Esmay had her ups and downs with lung issues and she was addicted to the medication I was on. She was eventually transferred back to the RVI and I was moved to HDU – this is when I eventually got to meet her at 3 weeks old. It was the most amazing time ever.

Esmay spent the next few months in hospital, thriving, and a week before her due date she was scheduled to come home on oxygen. I was so scared to take her home as I was weak still and I was so scared of the unknown of a baby on oxygen, alone with no monitors! But it became second nature.

Esmay’s due date came, her oxygen levels kept dropping. She was ill and we ended up in PICU, back on a ventilator. for me it was all new because when I met her she was on CPAP. After 3 weeks in PICU she was allowed to come home. As she wouldn’t feed, she also came home with a NG Tube. She had ups and downs, was in and out of hospital but now she is 3 in March and absolutely thriving. Oxygen free and NG after.

She now attends nursery and loves it. She loves other kids. She’s a little slow on speech, but I can understand what she says, so other than SALT Esmay is discharged.

One thing is for sure, everyone knows Esmay is the boss at home!