Emily and Poppy Spence’s Story

Gestation: 30 weeks

On Unit: 29th April until June

Sara kindly shares, Emily and Poppy’s story with us!

‘Our twins Emily and Poppy arrived early at 30 weeks, however we were aware this might happen as their older brother Oliver also arrived early at 34 weeks. We spent time on the Special Care unit with the twins and Oliver and the support was amazing each time. Oliver was our first child and being thrown into the world of Special Care after he was born made us nervous, however the staff were so reassuring. Oliver spent a week in special care, there was always staff on hand to guide us through everything and offer support. Emily and Poppy spent just over a month in Special Care’


Emily and Poppy 



How did Tiny Lives impact your time on the unit?

‘Tiny lives helped us so much with each experience, they provided us with a lovely sibling pack for Oliver when his sisters were born which helped explain what was going on. The twins were born during Covid therefore Oliver wasn’t allowed on the ward to meet them, this pack helped him understand what had happened and why his sisters weren’t at home with him. There were so many things to make life easier for us as well such as parking passes, mini boos comforters, staff checking in with us to see how we were coping down to simple things like free sandwiches and snacks in the parents room and a nice space to express. We will be forever thankful to the staff at the RVI for everything they have done for us’

Oliver is excited to start Reception in September. He loves superheroes and going on holidays! Emily and Poppy love playing outside, babies, singing and dancing!