Ella Louise Tully’s Story

Ella Tully 1

At the age of 42 in January 2007, I decided to try for a baby (my 1st one).  I was lucky enough to fall pregnant within 8 weeks, and baby Ella was due Christmas Day.

My pregnancy was going as well as expected.

I was at 29 weeks, when on October 17th I woke up feeling unwell with stomach pain.  The only way I can describe the pain is the feeling you get when you need to empty your bowels, but you can’t. For nearly 2 hours I wriggled about with the pain and made several visits to the toilet trying to empty my bowels.

In the end my worried partner Paul (who would not have normally have been at home at this time – and just as well he was) said he was going to ring the hospital to get some advice. The staff told him to bring me in straight away.  I told Paul I didn’t want to go because I would just end up pooing in his car and I pleaded with him to give me another 10 minutes, because I was convinced that I would empty my bowels and all would be well.  But he wasn’t having it and insisted I got ready and got in the car.  I reluctantly did as I was told.

Within 10 minutes of arriving at the hospital I was examined then rushed to theatre for an emergency section.  I was told that the baby had to come out immediately.  It all happened so quickly that I didn’t get the chance to ask why, and the staff didn’t have time to explain.

When I came around after the operation the consultant who performed my section explained to me why he had to do it.  He told me that my placenta had ruptured and my stomach had filled up with 1 & 1/2 litres of blood which was putting myself and my baby’s lives in danger.  He said that if my partner had got me to the hospital 10 minutes later, it could have been fatal for the two of us.  Wow, what a scary thought.

Baby Ella was 2lbs 11ozs and was rushed to the Special Care Baby Unit. She was given oxygen for a couple of days until she was able to breathe for herself.  After that she went from strength-to-strength and gained weight steadily without any worries or concern.

When she was 8 weeks old we were delighted after being told that we could take Ella home. But as preparations were being made, Ella turned poorly.  She had contracted RSV which is a viral bronchial infection.  We were told that she might have to go back to intensive care to get help with her breathing.  As this was a virus, she had to fight it off herself and nobody could say how long this would last.  This was a worrying time for myself and Paul and it was heartbreaking to see her like that.

But being the little fighter she is, she made a full recovery within 10 days and we were able to take her home on the 19th December, the best Christmas present ever.

We are still in awe of our gorgeous smiley happy girl, and we feel so lucky and blessed.

Thank you again to all concerned.

Wendy, Paul and Ella chose to fundraise for Tiny Lives

“We can’t thank the staff on Ward 35 enough, we feel forever in their debt.  They do a fantastic job and the dedication is second to none.  Not only did they care for Ella, but also they were there for mum and dad too for over 10 weeks.  Without their care, help and support we couldn’t have got through that very stressful time.”

8 years on from Wendy’s story below, Ella gets her 32 inches of hair cut for Tiny Lives and the Little Princess Trust Charity