Charlie Wilson’s Story

My 2nd pregnancy, so excited but then my waters break at 27+3. I hold on for another week and my baby boy is born at 28+3, Charlie spent 3 weeks on SCBU at the RVI.

In that time he was on C-PAP and then humicare, he was generally doing well considering, however this is the most testing time I to date have ever been through!! Nobody could ever prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster you step on while having a child on SCBU, your mood and feelings are totally depending on your child – if they are having a good day then so are you, however the next day they could be having a bad day and it all comes crashing down again!!

Having a 4 year old in tow as well was also hard work, he doesn’t want to sit on a hospital ward, it’s boring and his baby brother isn’t doing anything to entertain him. At the same time I wanted him to be bonding as much as he could in this situation with his new baby brother and also didn’t want him to feel left out!! It was so hard but we managed HOW?? WHY?? Simply because you have to!! You have no choice, I have 2 babies that need me and their Dad so we have to be strong on the outside and in public, then fall to pieces at bedtime when no-one can see us.

Charlie was transferred to Durham hospital after the 3 weeks where he continue to do well, he spent another 5 weeks in hospital before we were able to take him home!! I kept a diary of Charlie’s progress, which really helped, I also wrote a little poem.

You shouldn’t really be here yet, you gave us all a fright

Weighing in at just 3lb, you were born in the dark of night

It was the 8th of August at 28+3

You are our little fighter and we would all soon see

Incubators, tubes and wires became the norm for us

Beeping machines and oxygen, what is all this fuss??

Our lives had changed completely, not that we would care!!

Our main concern was you got well, put weight on and grew strong

You did all this, of course you did, we knew you would all along

But there are always those slight worries that niggle in our minds, the ones we only think of and never voice out loud

Not that it would matter you were doing us all so proud!!

You were moved from the incubator into a tiny cot

The last few weeks behind us which we seem to have forgot

You took straight to the bottle and then we heard you cry, to tell us you were hungry, to the feeding tube we said goodbye!!

The monitor went soon after, the end was now so near

Our feelings of joy and happiness had taken over fear

A few more days then it was time, we had waited 8 long weeks

We brought you home where you belong

Our family now complete!!

Looking at Charlie now you would never believe what he has been through, he is thriving, the doctors have no concerns with his development or anything else at the moment!! He runs rings round me and has me absolutely worn out come bedtime every single night however, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!