Brodie Craik’s Story

The Biggest Boy on the Ward…

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Our beautiful son Brodie was born as a full term baby at Wansbeck hospital on February 20th 2009. He weighed a healthy 7 lb 2 oz and although he had been born by emergency section and had a bit of a squashed nose and a bruised head he appeared to be a perfectly healthy baby.

However a few hours later that the Special Care Team at Wansbeck wanted to review him as his breathing was not as good as it should have been and he was placed in SCBU for 4 days so he could be more closely monitored and then hopefully we would be allowed to take him home.

On the fifth day however, we happened by the grace of God to meet the RVI’s Dr Alan Fenton who requested we keep Brodie in for a while longer, he had a feeling he shouldn’t go home as early as we had hoped for. Dr Fenton’s professional judgement and instinct proved correct when that night Brodie got into severe breathing difficulties and a one point stopped breathing altogether. The registrar from the RVI was called out to Wansbeck and at 4.00am Brodie was ambulanced out to the RVI. The registrar had discovered a shadow on Brodie’s lung and the only place he could be completely looked after was at the RVI with their specialist equipment and a wealth of consultant’s knowledge on what was wrong with Brodie.

I was utterly devastated and in complete shock, my husband and I left hospital without our baby, not how I had imagined our home coming at all. We were told to visit Brodie the next morning at the RVI after the consultants had all reviewed him and he was stabilised. We rushed to see him the next morning and found him in the Red Zone of Intensive Care. He was on various equipment and had all manner of tubes and drips in him, he was clearly a very poorly boy.

The consultants told us Brodie has an eventration of his diaphragm, one side of it is higher than the other making one lung slightly smaller and therefore he had more difficulty in breathing. This was a diagnosis we had never anticipated, but the work of Dr Fenton and his team was incredible. Brodie’s care was world class, the consultants and teams of nurses taking care of him worked tiredlessly round the clock. After 2 weeks on the Green Bay we were finally allowed to take Brodie home, he had been the biggest boy on the ward in a long time. He still has regular check ups with consultants but his condition seems to be strengthening with time.

Francesca and Jonathan chose to fundraise for Tiny Lives

“My husband and I and both our families are indebted to the amazing work of Ward 35, and for Brodie’s Christening we requested that donations were made to Tiny Lives so that more babies both premature and full term poorly babies have the chance to go home with their parents too.”