Betsy’s Story


Our little girl, Betsy was born in August 2017 at 8 weeks premature, weighing 3lb 7oz. Betsy also has Down’s Syndrome. When she was born she needed immediate support from SCBU and an operation at 2 days old to fix a problem in her intestines. We spent almost 2 months in the Special Care Unit as she recovered and grew.

Almost 2 years down the line this is what we, as a family, have learned. Betsy has an extra chromosome. She has 3 copies of chromosome 21 – Trisomy 21. And that extra chromosome means that Betsy has Down’s Syndrome, but it’s nothing to be scared of. Betsy is a happy and confident child. There is no limit to what she can learn and she thrives on new experiences!

Most importantly, we have learnt to enjoy every minute we have with Betsy. To live life to the full and never underestimate what she can achieve.

Thank you Tiny Lives and all of the staff in the Neonatal Unit at the RVI for making it possible for our daughter to live the wonderful life she does and for your exceptional care of us, as her parents.

Rachel, Marc and Betsy xxx