Arty’s Story

On Unit: May – July 2020
Gestation: 30 Weeks.  

Mam, Cheryl: “You don’t realise what a parent goes through when their baby is premature until you are that parent with your premature baby. Arty was born at 30 weeks weighing 2lb15oz.

It felt scary, worrying and very unknown.

However, the knowledge, experience, and care of all the staff on Ward 35… very much reassured us and made us feel very supported on ours and Arty’s SCBU journey.

We knew Arty was in the best place he could be until he was strong enough to come home, we were thankful for every milestone he achieved and are so thankful to all on Ward 35 who helped to get him home healthy and strong.


How did Tiny Lives impact your time on the Unit?

“Tiny Lives is a fantastic charity that brings so much to the unit.  Arty still has his mini boo in his cot, it was such a big part of the bonding element and helped with the process of having to leave him”


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