Aimee, Callum and Hannah’s Story

Hannah, Aimee, Callum

Above: Hannah, Aimee and Callum shortly after they were born

Callum, Hannah, Aimee

Above: Callum, Hannah and Aimee at home

I just turned 35 in November 2012 and with three older children I never thought I would have another.

In December I found out as was pregnant again, but I did not feel the same way like the others. I grew quickly but always felt that something was not right. When I went for my scan I was asked about my older children, still thinking in the back of my mind I was going to get some bad news. Instead I was told there was a lot of movement, relieved my first thoughts were I had got the dates wrong and was further than what I thought.

It was then when the sonographer said she detected more than one heartbeat. I looked at my husband and smiled at this point I was relieved that the baby (or now babies!) were ok, plus twins did run in the family.

It still seems like yesterday when she held my arm and said it was triplets, again I looked at my husband and laughed, looked at the sonographer and she said she was serious. To think, I got a text the night before from my sister saying ‘thinking for names for the triplets!’. We were then taking to the pregnancy assessment until North Tyneside hospital phoned the RVI to find out the next steps.

After speaking to our family and close friends and trying to convince them it was true, we then started to explore the internet. This was the worst thing I could do as it was all horror stories. We first visited the RVI fetal med at 20 weeks and had yet another scan and a conversation regarding the pregnancy plan. I was always assured and knew I could call the RVI at any time throughout.

I was admitted for an infection overnight then again on 28/5 as I was unwell. In the early hours of 29/5 I went into labour at 05:49 Callum (3lb 10oz) entered the world followed by Hannah at 05:52 (3lb 2oz) and Aimee at 05:54 (2lb 6oz). Callum suffered from respiratory distress, Hannah was OK until she got to SCBU and started to find it hard to breathe. Aimee was gasping when born all three went onto C-Pap. The hardest moment was not being able to hold or spend time with your children as all three went straight to SCBU.

The staff were excellent and when in recovery I was brought pictures of the trio. It was around lunchtime when I was allowed to visit them, I was so scared and happy at the same time (but in the back of my mind thinking that “dinky dot Aimee” might not make it as she looked ill and so small).

It is so hard to describe to anybody who has been lucky enough to never visit the SCBU how it feels, especially when the rooms have been closed off that you cannot go in to see your baby. But you know the doctors are taking care of a baby, maybe fighting to save their life.

The next days and weeks are a bit of a blur of trying to be at hospital for the trio and spending time with my older children. They all started to have time off C-Pap, along with time on the sunlamps. They moved to Blue at different stages and eventually Callum and Hannah to Green.

On the 10th June I was asked if I would be willing to be transferred to Wansbeck  as this was a lower risk SCBU and a bit closer to home. Secretly, I did not want to leave as all the staff were my rocks and support but I knew there would be babies more in need at the RVI than mine – on the plus side it was another step to coming home.

It was also on that day that we found out the Aimee and Hannah both had heart murmurs. Hannah’s soon cleared but Aimee’s lasted longer and had a scan were it showed she had a PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) this is still being monitored but been advised that she should not have any complications with this in her life.

Wansbeck were fantastic as well, with visits from the RVI consultants twice a week and always on the other side of the phone. It was now time to get the trio home.

On 28/06 Callum came home followed by Aimee on 06/07 and Hannah 08/08.

Without the RVI our story could have been a lot different and we will always be in their debt. Please continue to support Tiny Lives xxxxxx