Meet the Ward 35 Physiotherapists

Who are they?

Patricia Dulson – Extended Scope Practitioner and Team Lead and Clinics

Claire Marcroft – Pre Doctoral Research

Clare Maclennan – Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

Jemma Bell – Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist


What do they do?

As a team, we work together to help improve the early experience for babies and their families on the Neonatal Unit along with delivering clinical care and Physiotherapy treatments. We aim to help Neonatal babies grow and develop from their delivery onwards. We understand that this isn’t the journey that their parents expected. Over time on the Neonatal Unit we will gradually help parents to understand their baby’s movement development and cues, and support parents in learning ways in which they can help their own baby’s development.

“The Neonatal Physiotherapy Service has been generously funded by the Tiny Lives Charity for over 15 years, providing one full time Clinical Specialist post and specialist training.  At a time when there was minimal countrywide NHS funding for Neonatal Physiotherapy Tiny Lives enabled us to access  specialist training, then gain experience and expertise in the care of this very important patient group. Placing each baby and their family at the centre of what we do is the way we work.”

Tiny Lives currently funds one full time Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and two additional days for service development. Our time is also funded through the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and through research funding.

“Tiny Lives have also enabled us to develop a variety of expert skills and experience by funding specialist Neonatal training. Together our range of advanced training and experience allows us to deliver specialist care which we adapt to support every baby and family’s unique journey.”

Specifically within our professional role we provide:

• Respiratory Physiotherapy
• Neurodevelopmental and behavioural assessments
• Musculoskeletal support
• Specific Discharge Advice including Car Seat assessments
• Sling Assessments
• Referrals to relevant community therapy services
• Follow up development follow up service for babies 2 years of age

Part of our role also involves clinical education and service improvement in collaboration with the neonatal team, this includes:

• Informal training session on the Neonatal Unit
• family centred developmental care teaching days
• Supporting the Northern Neonatal Network
• Development and progressing service improve projects