Discharge and Beyond

Our Support continues, even after you leave the Unit

Sling Library

Working with the Neonatal Physiotherapists on the Unit and Parenting North East, we have funded access to a local sling library for parents. When leaving the Unit, parents can work with the physio team to choose the right sling to borrow for their baby and learn to wear it safely. Slings offer a comfortable method of bonding for both parent and baby, by increasing access we aim to encourage more neonatal parents to give it a try.

Discharge Checklist Booklet – Ongoing Project

We are working with the team on the Neonatal Unit to develop and print a discharge checklist for each family, helping them to better understand the process of leaving the Unit, and helping to calm anxieties around this milestone. Please check back soon for more information on this exciting new project!

Meet, Chat, Learn Classes

Meeting other Neonatal parents can offer vital support. Our Meet, Chat, Learn Classes are open exclusively to families from Ward 35 and range from Boogie Bairns, to Paediatric First Aid and Baby Yoga. They are the perfect way meet Neonatal parents in a friendly, understanding environment. The classes are usually funded or part-funded by Tiny Lives, and always free-of-charge to Ward 35 parents.

Ongoing Mental Health Support

We’re proud to announce that as of Summer 2020, we have increased our funding for mental health support on the Ward 35, meaning that parents on the Unit, and those who have returned home from the Unit, can benefit from the expertise of our Clinical Pyschologist and her team. Sadly, parents may not identify that they have mental health concerns until after leaving the Unit, and may experience anxiety, depression or even PTSD. With this increased provision, we want to be there for as many parents as possible. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can help you with this.

Bubbles Group

The Bubbles Group is a support and development group developed by the Newcastle Community Nursing Team, which hosts regular meetings for Newcastle parents whose babies have come home on oxygen. Currently, the Bubbles Group is online and so has expanded it’s inclusion to any newly hospital-discharged parents and babies from the local area. We have recently approved additional funding to Bubbles, and so hope to offer more support via this group once families are able to meet face-to-face again. For more information please download this leaflet or email jacqui@tinylives.org.uk.

Nearly New Sales

We host Nearly New Sales several times a year, which are a great opportunity to pick up some baby bargains and support Tiny Lives at the same time! It’s a lovely way for parents to stay connected with the charity, as they can donate clothes and items that their little ones have grown out of and then buy some new bits for them – whilst raising funds. The Sales also encourage recycling and buying pre-loved, helping us (and parents!) to reduce their environmental impact. Due to the current circumstances, the 2020 Nearly New Sales are currently on hold. We will announce the next sale as soon as we are able.

Christmas Reunion

Every year we host a big Christmas celebration for all of the families who have spent time on the Neonatal Unit. It’s hours of fun, with live entertainment, a sensory corner, soft play, bouncy castle, food, games and.. Santa! Many families meet up year-after-year at the event, and it is so amazing to see the children grow and thrive each year.

We Welcome Ideas

This list is constantly growing to meet the developing needs of the Neonatal Unit. If you have an idea for something that would have helped you or someone you know on the Unit, we’d love to hear it. Please email info@tinylives.org.uk.