Bereavement Support

Helping you through and honouring your baby

Bereavement Support Group

It’s a sad fact of the Neonatal Unit that not every baby will make it home. The Family Bereavement Support Group is an informal, supportive group where families who have spent time on Ward 35 with their baby or babies who have sadly died can meet. The group is facilitated by staff from the Neonatal Unit and provides memory making activities for siblings helping them to remember and honour their lost sibling. The group is supported by Tiny Lives and a light lunch is provided.

If you are looking for a parent only support group, please email, where we can provide you with information of where these groups are available.

Saturday 2nd December – Northern Stage

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On Unit Bereavement Fund

We operate a dedicated fund for the Neonatal Unit Bereavement Team, which can be used for a variety of items to help support parents through the bereavement process, and to help honour the baby’s passing with the utmost respect. These include baby bath products and hooded towels so that parents can have the experience of giving their child a bath, material which is then crafted into burial gowns suitable for smaller babies, and more.

Heart in their Hands Keyrings

These keyrings are a precious keepsake for bereaved parents. They come in two parts, a removable heart charm and a circular keyring. The heart is kept with the baby after they have sadly passed, and the keyring is kept by the parent, symbolising that their little one will always have a piece of their heart. We also supply a twin version of the keepsake, with two removeable charms.

Memory Boxes

When you’ve lost a baby, there’s nothing more precious than the memories you have with them. We help to fund memory boxes for the Neonatal Unit, which are filled with items such as their baby’s admission bracelet, their Miniboo, neonatal dummy and sometimes clothing or a lock of hair – anything that will help parents to remember their little one.

Digital Cameras and Photos

We supply the Ward 35 Bereavement Team with high-quality digital cameras, complete with memory cards and accessories, in order to let parents take priceless photos in the time they have with their little one. We also pay for these pictures to be confidentially processed and delivered to parents as soon as possible.

Books for Bereaved Siblings

When a family loses a baby, it can often be a huge and emotional challenge to explain this loss to a sibling, especially if they’re younger. To help with this we fund a special book for siblings that parents can use to help support them through this difficult conversation.

Memorial Service Support

Every year, a memorial service to remember babies that have sadly passed away at the RVI is organised by Women’s Services at the Newcastle-upon-Tyne NHS Foundation Trust. We support this service by funding a memorial candle for each parent, and also by spreading word about the service to parents from Ward 35 who may benefit from it.

We Welcome Ideas

This list is constantly growing to meet the developing needs of the Neonatal Unit. If you have an idea for something that would have helped you or someone you know on the Unit, we’d love to hear it. Please email