Upon Admission to the Unit

Tiny Lives is there for you from the moment you enter the RVI Neonatal Unit

Parking Permits and Transport Scheme

Parking costs should not be a concern when parents are spending time with their baby. We fund a parking permit for each family on the Neonatal Unit, which are valid from admission. These can be used by a parent or a nominated driver (eg. grandparent). If parents do not have access to a car, we can fund tickets for buses and Metros. If the baby was supposed to be born at the RVI, needs Neonatal care and is transferred to another hospital (for example, due to lack of beds), we can also fund travel costs for parents to visit the baby there.

Parent Packs

After a successful trial on the Unit, we now fund Parent Packs for parents upon admission to the Unit. Each family receives one pack, which is full of useful bits and pieces to help make the initial transition to the Neonatal Unit a little easier. These include the ‘Tiny Lives, Big Memories’ book, which features stickers, milestone cards and customisable pages to encourage parents to document their journey and take joy in tiny milestones, from baby coming off oxygen to getting their first bath!

Sibling Packs

When you have older children, the prospect of spending time on the Neonatal Unit can be even more daunting. We provide Sibling Packs for all siblings on the Unit (suitable from ages 3+), which are complete with craft activities to keep boredom at bay, as well as books that help to explain what a Neonatal Unit is. We hope that these packs will make the experience a little easier for both parents and siblings, helping to reduce anxiety and stress. We also supply portable DVD players and DVDs, which help to keep siblings calm and occupied during long periods in hospital.

Parent’s Guide

Created in collaboration with staff on the Neonatal Unit, this friendly guide helps to explain this ‘new world’ that parents have found themselves in. It contains a guide to staff members (who does what, scrub colours etc.), a map of Ward 35, information about the different areas of the Neonatal Unit, a guide to NICU terminology and equipment and lots of other useful information.

We Welcome Ideas

This list is constantly growing to meet the developing needs of the Neonatal Unit. If you have an idea for something that would have helped you or someone you know on the Unit, we’d love to hear it. Please email info@tinylives.org.uk.