Sell Online for Tiny Lives

There are lots of ways to sell your pre-loved children’s items online, but did you know that you can also raise vital funds for Tiny Lives whilst you do so?

After your next declutter, why not consider selling online via eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Depop or Vinted? You gain some space, another family can enjoy some bargains, and you can raise funds for Tiny Lives! This way, you’re not limited in the items you can sell; got some excess winter clothes, some furniture you have no space for, or unwanted birthday gifts? These can all translate into hugely valuable donations to Tiny Lives.

Top Tips for Selling Online

How to make the most out of your listings (swipe through!)

  • Take Good Quality Photos

    A great picture can make the difference between something selling or not selling:

    – Find an area with good lighting

    – Make sure your item is free of creases

    – Take shots from lots of different angles.

    – If your item has an interesting feature or a designer label, make sure to include pictures of that too.

    – With clothing, it can be helpful to have a picture of the item on (as long as you’re not claming it’s never been worn!), as well as a picture of the label to clearly show the size.

  • Write a Clear Description

    The more information you can include about your item, the better! Include important details like; size, fabric, brand, and any small damages or scuff marks an item may have. Make sure you let potential buyers know that you’re raising funds for Tiny Lives too, and the percentage that you’ll be donating!

  • Consider Postage

    Make sure to think about your postage options. If using a localised platfom like Facebook Marketplace, click-and-collect is an easy option. On other platfoms, make sure to clearly state postage costs and method. Consider tracked postage to ensure your buyer receives their item with complete confidence. This Royal Mail calculator can help give you an idea of postage costs.

  • Spread the Word

    Make sure to let people know about your sales! After all, you’re doing something amazing by raising funds for Tiny Lives. A lot of selling platforms link up with social media sites, so it’s really easy to let people know. Plus, the more people who see your items, the more chance they’ll find their next home!

Sell Online with….

Choose one of these platforms and start selling today!

eBay for Charity

Not only do we have Tiny Lives eBay store, but you can also sell on your own profile! You upload the listing, decide the price, and choose a percentage of the sale to go to Tiny Lives (from 10% – 100%). eBay is very user-friendy, you can see a step-by-step guide to selling for charity here


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s popular online selling section is a great way to sell in your local area, and you can often save on deliery fees by offering click-and-collect to your local community! Whilst Facebook Marketplace doesn’t have a dedicated charity option, you can let people know about your intent to donate in your item title and description.

Make sure to include the percentage you’re including, as well as a link to the Tiny Lives website (to let people know more about the cause you’re supporting!). Once your item sells, you can donate your chosen amount directly to us.


Depop is an app-based clothes-selling site that is popular with a younger audience. High-street and vintage clothing items do well on Depop, just upload your items (make sure to take good pics, fashion-savvy Depop-ers often are keen to know exactly how an item might fit!), sell it and donate a percentage of the sale to Tiny Lives directly. As with Facebook Marketplace, make sure to mention on your profile and item listings that you’re raising funds for us – it will help you stand out!


Like Depop, Vinted is an app-based clothes selling platform. It’s popular with a younger audience, and is very simple to set up. It’s quite a casual platform, so a good option for those who don’t have time (or patience!) to perfect their photography skills! Simply snap, upload and sell. Once your item has sold, donate your chosen percentage directly to us.