Organise a Collection

Get started with Collection Tubs

Simply having a well-placed collection tub encouraging people to donate to Tiny Lives can be surprisingly effective.

Collection tubs work best when placed in a business (eg, pub, cafe, hairdressers) or in a busy area of a larger business such as the Reception or staff canteen. You can also request collection tubs to be used at your own fundraising event, such as bake sales, quiz nights or jumble sales by using our Fundraising Registration Form.

If you only need a couple of tubs we would be happy to post them to you. If you need more, please contact us to arrange delivery or collection from our office. Collection Tubs will be received numbered and sealed, we keep a log and we will get in contact with you if this is not returned.

Ideally, tubs should be returned still sealed, with the cash inside. This is for security reasons and will allow us to verify the amount raised. If you cannot return the tub to us intact, we may be able to arrange pick-up, or we may be able to authorise you to open this and count the cash on our behalf. Please contact if you are not sure how best to proceed with your tub.

Please note that if you are hoping to organise a street collection in a public area, you’ll need a licence from your local authority. This is quite easy to obtain, just contact them for more information (for example, if you live in Newcastle, see

Another simple way to organise a collection is to set up an online page on a site such as Just Giving or Enthuse and ask your family, friends and colleagues to make a donation digitally. Some of our supporters have used this approach as part of a family celebration such as a Christenings, Birthdays, Weddings, or Anniversaries.