Where can I stay nearby?

Crawford House

Although not exclusively for parents on the Neonatal Unit, many parents who do not live locally are able to stay in nearby Crawford House, which is in the grounds of the RVI. Crawford House is managed by the Sick Children’s Trust and provides accommodation and support for families of sick children being cared for at the RVI. They have a good relationship with the Neonatal Unit (Tiny Lives recently funded the refurbishment of the bathrooms in Crawford House). Ask your Nurse if Crawford House could be an option for you.

Ward 35 Flats

Towards the end of their stay on the Neonatal Unit, parents will often stay with their babies in one of the three Parent’s Flats before going home. These flats are located on Ward 35, giving parents a chance to practice taking care of their baby by themselves in a homely environment, with the security of knowing that Ward staff are on-hand if needed. The Flats were refurbished in 2011 using a grant from Tiny Lives.

Emergency Accomodation

In exceptional circumstances, Tiny Lives may be able to pay for temporary accomodation for parents in a local hotel. This was utilised most recently during the COVID-19 Lockdown period, when Crawford House was not available. If you’re struggling for accomodation options and are from outside the local area, please speak to Tiny Lives Family Support Worker Fiona Bell to see if we can help.