Setting up a page online for donations or sponsorship

“We were overwhelmed by the generous donations of everyone involved, often from people who didn’t know us or James but had been through similar experiences in SCBU.”


An online fundraising page is a great way to promote your fundraising and start raising money through sponsors or donations. The Tiny Lives Trust is registered with Just Giving (click here) and Virgin Money Giving (click here) and you can use whichever one you like the best.

Please note, we’re not set up on Go Fund Me.

We’ve put together some useful tips and tricks to help you raise even more through your online pages!

Make the page your own!

Often, the pages which raise the most are full of stories and pictures. Your friends and family will want to know why they should support you, so tell them before they ask!

Share, Share, Share!

For people to support you during your fundraising, they need to be able to find their way to your page. Sharing your link on social media, emails, text, WhatsApp or work based intranets is the best way to get your page out there. You might find that it takes a few posts before people start donating, but how many times have you seen someone share a post and think “ohh, I must sponsor them when I get home” then forget!

Posting updates on your training / preparation with a link to your fundraising page is a great way to keep sharing your page, reminding people of your challenge or event!

Thank your supporters!

Make sure to say thank you to all your friends and family (and even strangers who has been inspired by your story) who have supported your fundraising!

Create your own pictures to share

You can create your own pictures to help tell your story or celebrate your fundraising.

If you’re on a mobile phone or tablet, there are loads of Apps which let you make your own images by adding text over an image, if you’re on a desk top, we recommend having a look at Canva.

You can use your new images to make the page your own, share it or thank you supporters.



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