Promoting your event or activity

We can help to raise awareness of your event through our website, facebook page and supporter networks. There are also lots of other ways that you can market your event or seek sponsors. Here are some ideas.

  • Create some flyers or posters and ask people to display them in local shops or at work, or to hand flyers out to friends
  • Write a press release and email it to local newspapers and radio stations (use their website to find contact details, or call in during a radio show). Often a personal angle can encourage the media to take interest, so if your fundraising is inspired by a baby who has been cared for in the unit, think about whether you are comfortable sharing their story as part of your press release.
  • Use social media to your advantage. Create a facebook page for your event or share the link to your Just Giving site on any social network sites that you use.
  • Make use of free listing magazines to advertise your event.
  • Consider writing a blog to accompany your fundraising efforts. This can be particularly useful if you training for a sporting event or other sponsored challenge.

“Most of my sponsorship came through friends and family. I did have a few from twitter which really touched me that people I didn’t know were donating money. Again it all came down to the blog.”


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