Keeping expenses low

It is not unusual for your fundraising to cost money, for example for printing, postage, venue hire etc.

Some costs are unavoidable but it is always worth trying to reduce them as much as possible. Local businesses/suppliers are often willing to offer discounts (or even provide things for free) when they know you are fundraising for Tiny Lives. Supermarket branches and other large businesses often have a member of staff who will deal with requests for support from their local community so it is worth asking in your local branch if you need refreshments or other goods for your event.

Some venues may offer discounts on hire costs (or even provide space for free) if you explain that you are a volunteer fundraiser and that all the proceeds of your event will go to Tiny Lives. Likewise, if you need entertainers for your event, you may find someone who will donate their time for free. Other businesses or individuals might be able to loan any equipment that you need for your event.

Flyers and posters can be very effective ways of promoting your event. Perhaps your employer might agree to an ‘in kind’ contribution and allow you to make photocopies at work. If you are approaching printing companies for quotes, make sure you tell them that it’s for charity as they may offer a discount.

Rather than buying refreshments for your event, consider asking your friends and family to bake cakes or other snacks.


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