Other ways to raise money for Tiny Lives

There are many, many ways to raise money for Tiny Lives and you may well have your own ideas as well as those listed above. Here are a few other ways to help:

  • Raise money through Ebay by listing your items as charity auctions and donating a percentage of your sales to Tiny Lives. Ebay offers a discount on sellers fees for charity auctions
  • Create a legacy and leaving money to Tiny Lives in your will
  • Sell Tiny Lives merchandise such as pens or trolley tokens. We can provide a display box/collection tub for this purpose.
  • Often, businesses ask customers to nominate a charity to become their charity of the year so look out for signs or leaflets. Would your employer be willing to help?
  • Give something up and donate the money that you save. This idea is often popular at Christmas time when people choose to donate to charity instead of sending paper Christmas cards.
  • Take part in someone else’s fundraising event in aid of Tiny Lives (see our events calendar for forthcoming events).


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