Other sporting challenges

One of our young fundraisers! Connor, born 3 months early, rode his bike from Tynemouth to Cullercoats and raised a fantastic £211 for Tiny Lives!

4yr old Connor, born three months early, rode his bike from Tynemouth to Cullercoats and raised a brilliant £211 for Tiny Lives!

If you are looking for a physical challenge, there are many local (and not so local) sporting events on offer that you could do to raise money for Tiny Lives (or you could always think up your own!). All participation is at your own risk, so do make sure that you are fit enough to take part and take good care of yourself.

Could you persuade your friends or colleagues join you in your challenge?

Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.

Fitness challenges


A two hour christmas zumba-thon in aid of Tiny Lives!

Would your local health club help you to organise a sponsored event, perhaps  a gym challenge?

Activities like zumba-thon’s make great fundraisers and can take place anywhere from gyms, community centres, church halls and outdoors.


There are many local running events ranging from 5k (approx 3 miles) through to marathon (26.2 miles).

Here are just a few:

  • Great Runevents – as well as the Great North Run (13.1 miles), the same organisers hold the annual Great North 10k run (around 6 miles) as well as running events around the country. For more details, see the website www.greatrun.org.
  • Big Fun Run events – these are friendly 5k running events (around 3 miles) aimed at charity runners taking part across the country including Newcastle. For more details, see http://www.bigfunrun.com/?newcastle
  • Marathon of the North – this is an annual marathon (26.2 miles) taking place in Sunderland in May. It also includes a Junior 1 mile event. For more details, see www.marathonofthenorth.co.uk.
  • Kielder Marathon, 10k and Junior run – why not take part in “Britain’s Most Beautiful” marathon or a shorter challenge. The route follows a stunning off-road course around the perimeter of Kielder Water, which can be completed either as a marathon or as a run-bike-run event. There is also a shorter 10k run and a junior run. For more information, visit http://www.kieldermarathon.com.

ColinStephenson GNRFor many more local running events and up to date information about the events listed above, visit the Northern Running Guide http://northernrunningguide.com/race_listings.php.



“I announced in my local watering hole that I wanted to cycle the C2C and raise funds for Tiny Lives and asked if one of the guys would join me on the trip. It was a moment in time I will never forget, 18 hands shot in the air offering support.” (The team of riders went on to raise £11,300 for Tiny Lives!)

10 years after their first Tiny Lives c2c, Team FB (Fat Boys!) cycled the Coast to Coast for Tiny Lives in 2012 raising a fantastic £2500

10 years after their first Tiny Lives c2c, Team FB (Fat Boys!) cycled the Coast to Coast for Tiny Lives in 2012 raising a fantastic £2500

There are several road and mountain bike events in the North East that could form the basis of a sponsored challenge. Here are some ideas:

  • Coast to coast – cycling the width of the country along the Sustrans C2C route is a popular charity challenge, with thousands of recreational and experienced cyclists riding the 147 miles from Cumbria to Tynemouth/Sunderland every year. Some even combine it with Hadrian’s Cycleway or the Reivers route to make a 310 mile challenge! For more information, visit http://www.c2c-guide.co.uk.
  • The Virgin Money Cyclone Challenge – this annual event attracts many charity riders, who can take part in one of three distance events (33, 63 or 104 miles) from Kingston Park into Northumberland and back again. For more information, see https://virginmoneycyclone.co.uk.

Visit http://www.britishcyclingnortheast.org.uk for information about other local cycling events.  http://www.sustrans.org.uk is a good starting point if you want to create your own cycling challenge.


You could set your own pool-based challenge or have a go at open water swimming.

  • Great North Swim – this is the UK’s biggest open water swimming event, taking part in Lake Windermere every June, and is a popular fundraising challenge. Swimmers can choose to compete in the ½ mile, 1 mile or 2 mile events. For more information, see http://www.greatswim.org.

Triathlon/multisport events

Jo Reed, mum of premature twins, completing an Ironman triathlon in aid of Tiny Lives.

Jo Reed, mum of premature twins, completing an Ironman triathlon in aid of Tiny Lives.

Triathlons (swim-bike-run) or other multi sport events like duathlons (run-bike-run) and aquathons (swim-run) make great charity challenges. Swims can be pool-based or open water.

Nationally, events like the London triathlon (www.thelondontriathlon.co.uk) and the longer Ironman and half-Ironman (http://www.ironmanuk.com) events are popular with fundraisers but there are also plenty of races of varying distances closer to home. See the events section of http://trinorthernpulse.co.uk for the latest details.


It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but so worth it after everything Tiny Lives had done for us.

You could create your own challenge or take part in an organised event. For example:

  • A good old fashioned sponsored walk – maybe even in fancy dress!
  • Challenge Walks – There are a number of “challenge walks” taking place around Northumberland each year. These are self-guided walks along predetermined routes ranging from 13 to 26 miles. Visit http://www.northumberlandchallengewalks.co.uk/ for more information about upcoming challenges.

Colin enjoying his skydive after his twin boys were on the SCBU

We also work closely with www.life-changingchallenges.co.uk who organise lots of fundraising events from skydiving to 3 Peaks and other thrill seeking events.  We also work with www.skydivestgeorge.co.uk who also organise skydives for fundraisers




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