Organising your own event

Organising an event can be a fantastic way to raise money for Tiny Lives. You could raise money by charging an entry fee/selling tickets, or through the activities on offer at your event. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Charity nightGames evenings…could you work with your local pub or community centre to run a games night, bingo, pub quiz, disco or a karaoke evening? Or what about a murder mystery evening (search the internet to find out how to hire packages) or race nights where you play footage of horse races and attendees bet on the outcome. You can raise money through the entry fee, as well as other fundraising activity on the night or even an auction.
  • Fun day events…at a local community centre, open space or sports centre, how about organising a sports day, family fun day or teddy bears picnic. Offer a range of activities/contests and charge an entry fee for taking part. Boost your fundraising through collection tins and traditional activities such as raffles, cake stalls, tombola, wet sponge throwing (any volunteers?!) etc. Speak to your local council for permission if you are planning on organising an event in a park or other public space.
  • Tiny Lives Buggy PushCould you organise an event that others could take part in such as a sponsored toddle or buggy push? Speak to your local council for permission if you are planning on organising an event in a park or other public space.
  • If you love fashion, what about hiring a hall in a local community centre, church or school and holding a clothes swapping/swishing event. Charge an entry fee and boost your fundraising through a raffle, cake stall etc.
  • Nearly New Sale Poster 2013Car boot sales, table top sales and jumble sales are all great ideas for fundraising. Could you hire space in a local venue (church hall, community centre, sports centre, open space) and charge people a fee for a space/table top to sell their items? Or collect donations of unwanted books, toys, household goods etc and hold a jumble sale? An entry fee, collection tubs, raffle and refreshments can all boost the amount of money raised on the day.
  • Do you play for a sports team or know anyone that does? Could you persuade others to take part in a charity sports match or tournament? You could charge a small fee for taking part and/or sell tickets to raise funds. A sweepstake on the results could boost your fundraising on the day too.
  • DiamondsandIceDo you like a challenge? What about organising a fundraising ball or dinner in a local function room? Ticket sales, raffle, auction and other fundraising activity on the night can all raise valuable funds.



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