Organising a collection

Simply asking people to donate to Tiny Lives can be surprisingly effective. Please remember that open tins or buckets are illegal; a closed container must always be used.  We encourage the use of our own official Tiny Lives containers so please contact us if you are planning on collecting for Tiny Lives.

  • Do you know anywhere that would be willing to have a Tiny Lives collection tub on their counter? Would you be willing to ask around, e.g. at your local shops, gym, pub, petrol station, workplace, staff canteen till etc.

Tiny Lives can deliver or post out collection tubs to you.  We keep a log and usually contact you after several months if it has not been returned.

  • Instead of a street collection, would you be interested in organising a pub collection? Remember that these require permission not only from the landlord but also from the brewery unless it is a free house.  Pub-to-pub collections require a house-to-house permit from the local council. (if you live in Newcastle, see

A simple way to organise a collection is to set up an online page on a site such as Just Giving, perhaps with details of your story if you have a personal connection to the charity, and ask your family, friends and colleagues to make a donation. Some of our supporters have used this approach as part of a family celebration such as a christening, birthday, wedding, or anniversary.

See here for information about what to do with your collection tubs after they have been used.


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