Making things to sell in aid of Tiny Lives

Cup cakeDo you like baking or crafts?

Could you make things to sell in aid of Tiny Lives, such as cakes, jam or handmade cards?

Could you grow plants to sell in aid of Tiny Lives?

blue_braceletIf you are making something to sell in aid of Tiny Lives, whether on an ongoing basis, or as a ‘one off’) then it is important that you contact us.  We can advise you on how to set up your fundraising and can provide support – from our logo to collection tubs – and posters so that everyone knows you are raising funds ‘in aid of’ Tiny Lives.

CakesIf you need to cover the cost of the materials then make sure that your customers know exactly how much you are donating to Tiny Lives from each sale. If you are donating some of your profits to Tiny Lives and keeping the rest as income for yourself or your business, then it is important to contact us first as arrangements like this need special agreement.

Please make sure that you read our guidance notes on using the Tiny Lives logo and branding whether you sell amongst your family, friends, colleagues, or a wider audience.


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