Spending time on the unit as a new Dad is a daunting time, especially with all the feelings that come up around Father’s Day it can feel isolating and it is a good idea to reach out to others who have experienced a similar situation. Our Dad’s Team is here to bring together men who have experienced what it is like on the unit, and anyone is welcome to join. The group is there to chat and offer support to dads who are currently in the Neonatal Unit with their children.

We love celebrating and supporting Dads every day of the year, but Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell them how great they are, and say thank you for everything that they do for their families. In our new Father’s Day gift bundles, you can choose from a heartfelt card, a Tiny Lives pin, and a branded hoodie – the perfect way to show off that they are a proud neonatal Dad. Father’s Day 2024 is coming up on Sunday 16 June and our gifts are the perfect way to say ‘you’re the best’ to the dads and father figures in your life.

The Birth Trauma Association has compiled and shared helpful information to support Dads who have been affected after watching their partner give birth. According to their literature, there are two key ways that fathers can be affected:

• If a wife or partner has developed PTSD as a result of a traumatic birth, dads can find it difficult to know how to give support. PTSD is a debilitating condition and people who have it may be constantly on edge, anxious, tired, and irritable.
• Dads or male partners may develop PTSD, or other psychological symptoms as the result of having watched the traumatic or early birth of their child. This can lead to flashbacks and heightened anxiety.

If you, or a dad you know, is experiencing post-traumatic stress symptoms or would benefit from mental health support, you are not alone.

Our Dad’s Team is made up of other Dads and father figures who have all had their own neonatal experience on Ward 35, and who volunteer their time to support other men who are currently on their own journey. It’s really friendly, relaxed group and new members are always made to feel welcome. Our Dads Team even has a ‘Dad’s Chat Whatsapp Group’ that you can join too so you can chat with other dads who have had similar experiences and ask questions. Funded counselling and clinical psychologist sessions are also available so you don’t have to feel like you are going through this experience on your own.

Additional support is also available from:

Birth Trauma Association Peer Group
0203 621 6338

116 123

SANDS (specialist support for parents who have experienced baby loss)
0808 164 3332