Which group best suits myself and my baby?

We have a number of support groups and classes for Neonatal Parents and we understand it can be both overwhelming and confusing to identify which classes/groups best suit your needs. We’ve put together a flowchart to help you better identify which group/class is best for you and your baby.

Meet, Chat, Learn Classes
Our Meet, Chat, Learn Classes are open exclusively to families from Ward 35 and range from Baby Yoga and Massage to Music, Movement and Sensory. They are free-of-charge and the perfect way to bond with your baby and meet Neonatal parents in a supportive environment. 

Stay and Play
We know how hard it is for new parents who have left Ward 35 being unable to meet up face-to-face with other parents who understand the neonatal experience. Our Stay and Play sessions take place on a fortnightly basis. These sessions take place on a Saturday Morning and provide an opportunity for parents to meet other parents who share their experience and meet with Tiny Lives staff and peer supporters in a relaxed and friendly environment while the little ones play.

The Bubbles Group is a support and developmental group facilitated by the Newcastle Community Nursing Team and Newcastle 0-19 Service for parents whose babies have been discharged from Ward 35 at the RVI. They’re supported by Tiny Lives and host face-to-face baby and parents sessions for parents to drop in, chat and ask questions. Face to face sessions are split into 2 age groups, Under 1’s and Over 1s to Walking Independently to match appropriate activities. 

Mams Chat & Dads Team
Both Mams Chat & the SCBU Dads Team are made up of parents with lived experience of having a baby on Ward 35. The experience for Dads and Mams is often very different and both groups are available to offer support and lend an ear. You can access the WhatsApp group for both of our support groups or contact them directly via email.