Parents Needed to Newcastle University Project

Newcastle University are looking for parents to participate in a new project that aims to create a short, animated film based on their experiences of losing one or more of their babies from a multiple pregnancy.

Can you help?

The project aims to work with parents to create a short, animated film based on their experiences of losing one of more of their babies from a multiple pregnancy.

Even though there is increasing awareness of the impact on parents of losing a baby, the experience of losing one or more babies from a multiple pregnancy is still little understood.

The University anticipate that the film will be used to help other parents who are experiencing bereavement from a multiple pregnancy. They hope in the future to expand their work to other family members, to better understand the impact of baby loss on families.

The project is a collaboration between Judith Rankin (Professor of Maternal and Child Health), Nicholas Embleton (Honorary Clinical Professor in Neonatal Medicine), Anne Whitehead (Professor of Modern and Contemporary Literature) and Kate Sweeney (artist and filmmaker). The University is working in partnership with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, and the Tiny Lives Trust.                               

How can you get involved?

This is an invitation to participate in three group workshops, taking place in May/June 2022. These workshops will focus on a process of exploring and producing handmade inks, dyes, stains and colours that can then be used to explore and communicate memories, thoughts and feelings that are difficult to talk about.

Three more workshops, to be held in autumn/winter 2022 will work towards the final animated film, which will use the handmade inks from the workshops to create the images.

Who can get involved?

The project welcome members from any cultural background from across the North-East region to work with us to co-create the film. They are not able to include participants who have a current diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. They can offer reimbursement of up to £50 per workshop for travel and/or childcare expenses.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to know more, please contact Anne Whitehead at