Two Men. Two Stories. One Epic Challenge.

Two Men. Two Stories. One Epic Challenge. ?‍♂️?

Last Weekend, the Northumberland Ultra Marathon took place along the North East Coast. This epic challenge involved running 36.1 Miles starting in Alnwick and finishing in Bamburgh.
Two of our incredible supporters, Andy Sanderson and John Mills took on the challenge separately whilst raising money for Tiny Lives!

Andy Sanderson ran in memory of his son Zachary Sanderson. Andy and Caroline (Zachary’s Mam), have dedicated the last seven years to raising money for Tiny Lives and ensuring Zachary has a long-lasting legacy.
Andy said “When I started fundraising back in 2015 in memory of our son Zachary, the goal was to try and run 1000km within a year (way more than I’d ever run before) and raise £1000. 7 years later I can’t believe we’ve raised over £47,000, I’ve run 650km already this year and last week, I completed my first Ultra Marathon (57km)!”
Click here for Andy’s fundraising page

John Mills also undertook this epic challenge, raising funds for Tiny Lives after John’s Twins, Sadie and Bella were born 7 years ago. Bella spent time on the unit and for the last 6 years, John has supported Tiny Lives with many runs and attended many events in aid of Tiny Lives!
John said “I loved it! We were lucky with weather this year too, but those dunes at Bamburgh at that end were simply horrendous – no other words to describe them. It’s great to have more cash in the pot for charity with more to come too!”
Click here to visit John’s Fundraising Page