Earth Day 2021: Eco-friendly fundraising tips

Earth Day is marked on 22nd April each year to highlight the precious nature of the planet and our natural resources, and to open up discussion as to how we can all be more environmentally-friendly in our daily lives. Tiny Lives is passionate about continually reducing our impact on the environment:

Recently, we have…

  • Ensured all of our new collection tubs are made from recycled materials (the latest ones are made from recycled milk and juice cartons!).
  • We have sourced promotional pens that are made from natural plastic (from plants, not oil!).
  • We have stopped using balloons in our fundraising packs and at events.
  • We are working to reduce our paper usage and have moved some of our most frequently used paper forms online, such as our Fundraising Registration Forms.

You can also be a more environmentally-friendly fundraiser! When planning your next event, consider:

  • Promoting your event digitally – Advertising via email and on social media reduces paper waste from posters and flyers
  • Using digital fundraising channels – Raising funds on Enthuse or Just Giving is not only convenient, it reduces paper use from printed sponsorship forms.
  • Reducing your single-use plastic – If you’re selling cakes, consider using recyclable paper packaging to replace plastic bags, and skip the cellophane on your hamper! 
  • Having a clear-out – Giving second-hand clothes and toys a new lease of life by hosting a jumble sale or selling them on eBay for Tiny Lives is much kinder to the planet than letting them go to landfill.
  • Spreading some greenery – For a really green fundraiser, why not consider selling flower bulbs, potted plants, home-grown veggies or seed packs for Tiny Lives? Not only will these bring a smile to someone’s face, they can be planted and bring greenery to your local area. For bonus points, choose some bee-friendly plants! 

Got any more eco-friendly fundraising ideas or would like to suggest how Tiny Lives can further reduce our environmental impact? Get in touch and let us know!