Support Tiny Lives this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and whilst for some this will mean flowers, lie-ins and breakfast in bed, others will be spending their first Mother’s Day in hospital, visiting their baby on the RVI Neonatal Unit.

1 in 7 babies will need Neonatal Care every year, so it’s likely that you will know someone who has been in this tough situation. You can make a difference today by donating today

Tiny Lives is the dedicated charity for the Neonatal Unit at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We support over 800 babies and their families each year, and aim to raise £350,000 a year to continue our services. Tiny Lives is always there for Neonatal families, funding vital support such as:

  • The vCreate video messaging service, which connects parents and babies who can’t be together, reducing separation anxiety. The baby’s nurse films and sends videos to the family through this secure service, documenting little moments that are so precious to Mams and Dads.
  • Miniboo Bonding Aids, which allow mother and baby to bond even when they may not be able to touch (some babies who are born very prematurely cannot be handled or cuddled for some time after birth, so Miniboos offer a vital connection between parents and babies). The baby has one in the incubator, Mam keeps one down her top and they swap them at each visit so that they can be comforted by each others’ scent. Miniboos also aid with breast milk production too, as Mam can better visualise their baby when expressing.
  • Mental health support for families, including funding a Clinical Psychologist on Ward 35. Having a baby born early or sick can be one of the most distressing experiences a parent can face, so this mental health support is essential to their wellbeing.
  • Parking Permits for each family, meaning that no parent has to suffer financially because their baby needs to spend time on the Neonatal Unit. Tiny Lives funds a parking pass or public transport pass for every family on Ward 35, ensuring they can visit their baby without incurring these costs. Babies can spend months on a Neonatal Unit, and these costs really can stack up. By covering this, we hope to ease some of the stress faced by these new parents.

And on Mother’s Day, we also fund a member of staff to make special, handmade cards for each Mam ‘from’ their baby, ensuring they can still experience the magic of their first Mother’s Day – even if it is nothing like they may have imagined.

We can only continue our support this Mother’s Day – and every day – with the help of donations from kind supporters. Even £1 will go towards helping to support vulnerable babies and families at some of their toughest moments.

Thank you.