Get involved – World Prematurity Day 2020

World Prematurity Day is marked on 17th November each year, and is a day to highlight the issues surrounding premature birth, as well as celebrating those who were born prematurely, and their families.

It is a hugely important day for Tiny Lives, and as every year we are planning some very special celebrations around the event! They may be slightly different to our previous celebrations (sadly no walk through Newcastle like last year!), but we hope that everyone will still get involved and spread the word about this very significant date. 

This year, we have three different ways to get involved in World Prematurity Day with Tiny Lives:


  • Take on the Willpower Warrior Fundraiser

Challenge yourself to give up one of your vices for a minumum of 7 days and get sponsored by friends and family. The challenge must last a minimum of 7 days, inspired by the 1 in 7 babies in the UK  who need Neonatal Care. Find out more and get involved.


  • Raise awareness of prematurity with the ‘Heart in your Window’ craft challenge


Inspired by the wonderful NHS rainbows that popped up throughout lockdown, we’re asking our supporters to decorate a heart and put it in their window to raise awareness of prematurity. This is a great one to get the kids involved in! Download your heart template here.


  • Celebrate the World Prematurity Day on the 17th November by Painting it Purple!



Suitable for the whole family, we want to see you #PaintitPurple on the 17th November for World Prematurity Day and Tiny Lives! Ask if your office will hold a purple dress down day (via Zoom if needed!), see if your school will allow a purple face paint day, or even take on a sponsored challenge and dye your hair purple! 

However you choose to get involved, we hope that you will join us in raising awareness for those impacted by prematurity, and help to raise vital funds for Tiny Lives.