Could you become a Willpower Warrior for Ward 35?


World Prematurity Day is marked on 17th November each year, and is a day to highlight the issues surrounding premature birth, as well as celebrating those who were born prematurely, and their families.

1 in every 13 babies born in the UK are born early and 1 in 7 babies require care on a Neonatal Unit.

It is a hugely important day for Tiny Lives, and as every year we are planning some very special celebrations around the event! They may be slightly different to our previous celebrations (sadly no walk through Newcastle like last year!), but we hope that everyone will still get involved and spread the word about this very significant date. 

One of the ways that we are marking the date is with a brand new fundraising challenge – can you become a Willpower Warrior for Ward 35? It’s simple – all you need to do is:

  • Choose your challenge! You can either use your willpower to give something up (chocolate, crisps and alcohol are all popular choices!), or use your willpower to take on a new positive habit, such as a running challenge, a step challenge, or a push-up challenge! 
  • Use all of your willpower to stick to your challenge for a week or more. 
  • Encourage friends and family to sponsor you!

You can choose any date throughout November to take on this challenge, and we ask that you stick to it for a minimum of seven days. Make sure to set up a Just Giving or Enthuse page to help collect donations, and share on your social channels to spread the word!

On the Neonatal Unit, babies have to go without so many things. They often cannot be held or cuddled until they are stronger, they can’t go home with their parents, get cuddles from their extended family, can’t wear clothes until they are bigger and stronger and can’t enjoy playtime with their siblings. They truly are warriors! 

This year has been massively challenging for charities, so we are asking our supporters to help raise funds and awareness for Tiny Lives by taking part in this new fundraiser.

Taking inspiration from the fact that one in seven babies born annually in the UK will need to spend time on a Neonatal Unit, can you give up one of your vices, or take on a new challenge for a minimum of seven days?