Tiny Lives funds Story Books to help Parents bond with babies during Lockdown

The Tiny Lives Trust has funded story books to encourage parents to read to their premature and sick babies on the RVI Neonatal Unit (Ward 35).

The COVID-19 Lockdown and subsequent restrictions have been especially tough on parents who have a baby on the Neonatal Unit. These babies – some born as early as 23 weeks gestation – require specialist care, often for weeks or even months. Parents generally are limited on how much they can handle and cuddle their baby until they are stronger, meaning that they have to rely more heavily on­ other methods for bonding with their new addition, such as gentle touch within the incubator, talking, singing, and reading.

The new Tiny Lives-funded books have recently been added to the Ward and are already proving a hit with parents such as Lewis from Birtley (pictured), who has enjoyed reading to his son Thomas (born at 28 weeks and 3 days gestation). Books are given to parents individually and sanitised, before being kept in the baby’s incubator or cot on the Unit.

Louise Carroll, Community and Events Fundraiser at Tiny Lives said: “Now that face coverings are commonplace for parents on Ward 35, some have expressed worries to the Unit staff about the additional impact this may have on connecting with their new baby. Reading to a baby and letting them hear your voice is such a powerful form of bonding. By providing these books, we at Tiny Lives hope to make it easier for parents to read to their new baby, helping to strengthen those all-important bonds in really tough circumstances.”

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