Posted: June 12, 2020

A little boy called Avan…

……has inspired over 200 people from far and wide to support Tiny Lives and have raised an astonishing £11k in 3 weeks!  Avan was born at 23 weeks and spent the first 4 ½ months of his life on the Neonatal Unit in 2017, before spending a further year in hospital for additional treatment.

Avan’s dad Phil, along with a few friends, decided they wanted to get active while supporting Tiny Lives, so they set out to run 50 miles each in June (50 Miles for Tiny Lives). Once word got around, this snowballed and now they have over 180 family members, friends and now strangers taking part, all inspired by this family.

They have their own social media pages, which is updated daily with supporters’ miles and how far around the world all the miles have taking them so far….You will also hear Phil taking to BBC Newcastle on how this came about and how the support of Tiny Lives, helped his family 3 years ago.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who is covering the miles in June for Tiny Lives and also a massive thank you to the Phil, David Pearson, Alan Bonar and Daniel Simons who are the founders of #50milesfortinylives they are also making sure things run smoothly in the background with their social media pages and sporting apps.

Please remember our support to the families, babies and staff on the unit is only possible because of our amazing supporters.

To donate, sign up or simply support 50 Miles for Tiny Lives please see the below links:



Instagram: @50milesfortinylives

The link below is a little video done in 2017 of Avan’s journey in SCBU…


Avan on SCBU  Avan Mullen- MiniBoo

Avan Mullen- Aged 3



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