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Meet the Doctor – April 2020

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Meet the Doctor – April 2020

 Thank you to everyone who submitted a question for this Meet the Doctor session! We regret that we can’t answer all of your questions, especially if it was very specific or about an individual case, but we have done our best to pull together some info for our FAQs below.


As always, we would always recommend you call your healthcare professional directly if you are in any doubt at all or have any questions about your baby.


Download FAQs and answers here.

Take part in the 2.6 Challenge for Tiny Lives!

2.6 Challenge TW

Tiny Lives is joining forces with the rest of the UK’s charities to encourage supporters to take part in The 2.6 challenge, from Sunday 26th April – Thursday 30th April, to raise vital funds.

Charities including Tiny Lives are suffering the impact of cancelled events and fundraisers due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s a strange time for everyone right now, but if you and your family could spare as little as 2.6 minutes to take part in this challenge, you could raise vital funds for premature and sick babies and their families – and make a huge, positive difference to your community.

Absolutely anyone can take part! All you need to do is dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 that suits your skills and complete it on Sunday April 26 – when the 40th London Marathon would have taken place – or by April 30th.

This could be something as simple as pledging to run or ride 2.6 miles as your daily exercise, holding the plank for 2.6 minutes, to gardening for 26 minutes. We’ve come up with some ideas for you below, but we’d anything goes! As long as it fits the 2.6/26/260 theme then it’s a winner!

Remember, your activity must stick to Government social distancing guidelines too. Why not try:

  • Getting the kids involved for a 2.6km toddle
  • Break out your inner football star and complete 26 keepie uppies (bonus points for whoever does them the fastest!)
  • Sweat through a 26 mile row (on a rowing machine)
  • Run 2.6km as your daily exercise – in fancy dress if you’re feeling brave!
  • Grab your paints and involve the whole family in a 2.6 hour paint-a-thon- what masterpiece can you create in that time?
  • Plank for 2.6 minutes a day for the 4 days.
  • Read 26 books to your little one in a readathon
  • Have a 26 hour sponsored silence
  • Bake 26 cupcakes and donate for each one you scoff!
  • Do 26 laps of your garden (inspired by Captain Tom!)
  • Do 26 squats a day (even more impressive if you do it with a baby sling)
  • Do 26 hops, skips, pogos or spacehopper lengths of the garden

Once you have chosen your challenge, all you need to do is:

  • Follow this link. Once it loads, you should see something like this:

2.6 challenge TL

  • You can either choose to fundraise and ask for donations, or you can simply complete your task as a personal challenge and donate. We suggest a donation of £26 per personal challenge, but anything you can give will make such a huge difference.
  • Complete your challenge between 26th – 30th April. Make sure to take some pics and share them with us on our social channels using #2point6forTinyLives!
  • Spread the word! You might inspire lots more families to complete their own challenges and so raise even MORE for Tiny Lives.


ICHOM Survey Participants wanted!

Survey Participants Wanted (April 2020)

Please see below a message from ICHOM:

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) formed a Working Group to identify a minimum set of measures to be implemented in clinical practice for the care of preterm and hospitalized newborn patients regardless of any specific condition or diagnosis.

We’re excited to announce that the Outcome Validation Survey for this work has been opened. If you’re interested in influencing better quality care for children, please provide us with your feedback!

We are seeking feedback from parents and caregivers on the relevance and acceptability of a draft minimum set of health care measures.

Participate in the Preterm and Hospitalized Newborn Patient Validation Survey here.

If you have any questions about the study or the survey, please contact the researcher directly by emailing Nick Sillett at