Research Opportunity – Parent Volunteers wanted

Research Opportunity Graphic (Nov 19)

Would you like to assist with a research study?

We’re working with an Obstetric Consultant at the RVI who is studying the impact of steroid injections given to a mother before induction of labour at 34 – 37 weeks to reduce the risk of the baby being admitted to the Neonatal Unit. The project will look at short-term and long-term (up to 7 years of age) outcomes for the babies.

He is looking for a parent to assist with the study. To take part, you must fulfil the below criteria:

  • Your baby was born between 34 and 37 weeks
  • Your baby was admitted to the Neonatal Unit
  • Ideally, your labour will have been induced.

For this part of the study, it does not matter whether or not you received a steroid injection before the birth.

Parents would need to be in a position to support the project for 1-2 years, after which they can continue if their circumstances permit. The initial stage is to support work leading to a research grant application. If the application is successful, the work would be remunerated according to NHS rules.

Your role will be to ensure that the research takes account of the views of parents and children and that documents can be easily understood by parents. Please note, the NHS requests that parents assisting in this way should not have a healthcare qualification.

If you would be interested in taking part, please contact, who will then pass on any suitable candidates to the research team.

We are very grateful to anyone who is able to offer their time for this.