Q&A with Tiny Lives’ own Louise, as she prepares for GNR19

If you’ve ever been involved with a Tiny Lives event, or carried out some fundraising on behalf of the charity, odds are that you’ve either spoken to or met Louise! She’s our Community and Events Fundraiser, and is the driving force behind a lot of the events that Tiny Lives puts on, including the Charity Ball, Christmas Reunion and she’s key part of the GNR tent team.

Louise in TL Vest

This year, she’ll be with #TeamTinyLives runners at the start line, as she takes on the Great North Run for the third time. She kindly answered a little Q&A ahead of the race:

Do you enjoy running?

Yes, I feel it’s ‘me time’ and once I get in the running zone, it’s just me and my music.

How many miles are you up to?

6 miles, going steady!

What do you enjoy about the GNR?

The first time (2013) I did the run, I enjoyed it all, it was all new and I didn’t know what to expect. The second time (2017) it was seeing all the Tiny Lives running tops, it definitely kept me going (I just wanted to shout “Team Tiny Lives!”, but I didn’t!) and I also love reading why people are running on the back of their tops.

As you’ve completed three GNR’s, do you have any advice?

Make sure you train beforehand, even if its walking or jogging. Try and train on inclines too; it’s amazing how hilly it is to South Shields.

If you want to wear new trainers, I would suggest getting them now and training in them, as well as doing a few training runs in what you plan to wear on the day, to make sure you’re comfortable.