Families who have experienced NEC wanted to help promote important research

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Do you have some experience with NEC? The research team at the RVI have received funding from Action Medical Research to develop their work to better understand the causes of necrotising enterocolitis, in collaboration with Northumbria University.

They are looking for a family who feel able to talk about their experiences of NEC to take part in some media activity (including filming and photography) to promote this important research. We understand that not everyone feels able to talk about these experiences, but if you did feel able to help please email info@tinylives.org.uk by 4.00pm tomorrow.

As some of you will know, NEC is a bowel condition which sadly affects some babies born preterm, but at  present we do not understand why some babies get NEC whilst others stay healthy. The funding will allow the team to investigate what role phages (tiny viruses that infect bacteria) may play.

AMR and the RVI team are very grateful for any offers of help that will promote this research work.