NICU dad takes on 24-hour Endurance Race to raise money for Tiny Lives

Baby Maisie in NICU (3) Steven, Lynne and Maisie (2)

Steve Shaw, a long-time supporter of Tiny Lives, has recently completed a new fundraising challenge in the form of a gruelling 24-hour endurance race.

Along with 2 friends acting as ‘support runners’, Steve took part in the ‘Trailblaster’, a 5k loop course. The aim of the day was too see how many laps he could get in 24-hours, with continuous running from 10.00am on Saturday 30th June to 10.00am on Sunday 1 July – Steve managed an incredible 83 miles! That’s around 27 laps of the course, one after another.

Steve was inspired to raise money for Tiny Lives as his daughter Maisie was born prematurely at 25 weeks in 2011, weighing just 1lb 13oz. He and his wife Lynne endured a very stressful 11 weeks on the Neonatal Unit as Maisie was cared for and slowly grew in strength. She is now a happy, healthy little girl!

We can’t thank Steve and Lynne enough for their dedicated fundraising over the years, and their commitment to raising money for the Tiny Lives Trust.

If you’d like to donate to Steve’s cause, you can do so on his JustGiving Page.

Baby Maisie in NICU

Maisie in the Neonatal Unit