Brave supporter Ian takes to the sky for Tiny Lives

Ian Gardener (Paragliding) (5)

Tiny Lives supporter Ian recently took his fundraising to new heights as he bravely completed a sponsored Paraglide whilst on holiday in Greece!

Ian – who has a fear of heights – was inspired to take up the challenge after his granddaughter spent some time on the Neonatal Unit. He chose something that was a bit of an unusual idea, as well as something that he’d really find difficult, in order to encourage people to give generously for Tiny Lives.

Accompanied by his wife and family, who were watching from the beach, Ian dove off the cliffs in Greece on the 22nd June, 2018.

After a safe landing, he returned to the Tiny Lives offices to hand in the money he had raised. His total so far stands at an amazing £584.00, with money still expected to arrive.

We’re so grateful to him for his bravery in taking part in this paragliding challenge. Well done Ian!

Ian Gardener (Paragliding) Ian Gardener (Paragliding) (2)