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Raffle raises over £800 for Tiny Lives

Thank you

We would like to say a massive thank you to the staff at Pandora in Newcastle who kindly organised a raffle which took place during their lunch hour and also extended out to friends and family who purchased raffle tickets, with everyone’s very kind support they have raised £820, thank you so much as this will help us to continue purchasing miniboos for babies and families on the neonatal/special care baby unit (you can see baby Rio below with his miniboo).  Staff kindly chose Tiny Lives to support as the charity is close to the heart of one of their colleagues as her friend’s baby spent time on the unit when born.


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Blaydon Staffs Club

On Friday evening we had the pleasure of being invited along to the Blaydon Staffs Clubs to receive a lovely donation of £1,200 which they have raised throughout 2017, in total they raised the amazing amount of £2,400 and kindly split the donations between Tiny Lives and Macmillan.

We thought it would be nice to take along the lovely photo of Rio in his Claire’s Nest with his miniboo to show everyone that with their support we can continue to keep supporting the neonatal/special care baby unit.

It’s always nice to be invited to the Blaydon Staffs Club who have supported Tiny Lives for many years now and it was sad to hear Albert who started all the fundraising off sadly passed away last year, he will always be in our thoughts.

Blaydon Staffs Club 19.02.2018


Teddy and Grandad John

Teddy James Barker 2

After Teddy was born at 32 weeks and 5 days and needing a major operation at the RVI, he become a member of the neonatal/special care baby unit family.

While Teddy was fighting hard every day in the neonatal unit, grandad John also wanted to show he was behind Teddy and he was going to fight every day with his own challenge – John Barker Weight Loss, through his challenge John, his family and friends have and continue to kindly support Tiny Lives. When John started his challenge (01.01.2018) he weighted 16st ¼ at the time of writing this (14.02.2018) he now weights 14st ¾  – well done John!!

Teddy is now home and doing well with his family.  Grandad John is still going strong with his weight loss and support to Tiny Lives and we are sure John will be even more determined now Teddy is home.

Thank you to everyone who has support John so far because of your support Tiny Lives is able to continue to support families on the neonatal/special care baby unit.


Teddy James Barker